Resilient Cities is an initiative to develop set of Technology, Tools and Processes for the city to SURVIVE and REVIVE in event of a natural or artificial hardship faced by its citizens, businesses or the government institutions.    
What is Resilient Cities?
  1. Cities Resiliency
    Resilience is NOT just a response to disasters but more towards addressing systemic changes
  2. Five Piller of Resiliency
    - Economic Resiliency - Disaster Resiliency - Community Resiliency - Infrastructure Resiliency - Health Resiliency
  3. Scope
    Resilience is the plan to build resilience in communities, service delivery and overall systems operations
  4. Accomplished Projects
    Community Resiliency: MY-AUSTRALIA Health Resiliency: FALL PREVENTIONS IN HOSPITALS
  5. Contact
    Praveen Kannan +61 437 826 005
  6. Resiliency Framework
    Resilient cities team is working on an Integrated city-wide resiliency framework for sustainable and smart cities development.
Our Philosophy
  1. Where Resiliency Starts? Our vision for Resilient Cities starts with people and diversity. An inclusive city will be far more resilient than the fragmented ones .

    Damith Ranasinghe

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